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2 Books on React Native Performance and a Profiling Tool!

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Is your React Native app slow?

Find the solution to your performance issues in

Everyone hates slow and unresponsive apps!

You can’t afford to have performance issues. Find and fix them now, and stop turning users away from your app. Performance problems can be the number one reason people uninstall your app. Don't worry, for every performance issues there is a solution.

React Native Performance book to the rescue!

  • Unresponsive UI?
  • Long launch/load times?
  • Slow scrolling in Scroll and List Views?
  • Large amounts of data slowing down your app?
  • Images not instantly loading in?
  • App bundle size too large?

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Part 1: Measuring Performance

Identifying your apps performance issues can be one of the biggest challenges. This book has got you covered. You will become a ninja at pinpointing performance issues with your naked eye. This book will cover some of the fundamentals of React Native inner workings and how your code affects those.

Part 2: Correcting Performance

With all of your apps performance issues identified and documented, it’s time to fix them! This book will cover performance issues to watch out for in your current codebase and in the future. As well as providing you solutions to performance issues found in React Native apps. With all the optimization tips in this book, your app will be blazing fast!

Performance Profiling Tool

Oh I probably forget to mention this, but all of this was going to be a piece of cake! With the included performance profiler tool you will get instant insight into your apps performance. It’s as easy as writing an import statement and the performance profile will give you a break down of performance issues it finds in your app.

The performance profiler tool works by measuring execution time for each method in your component class. This gives you insight into what methods are taking the longest to process. Along side a execution timer the performance profiler also keeps track of how many times a specific method has be execurated. This is great for tracking down unnecessary re-renders of a component.

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Get both books (Measuring Performance and Correcting Performance), plus the performance profilter tool for only $9.99. That's the price of a decent meal or a large popcorn at the theatre.

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